“Mbappe is jealous?”…Lee Kang-in Appears as ‘Amazing Claim’ by Leading French Journalist → The reason is ‘No. 1 in uniform sales’

“Mbappe is jealous?”…Lee Kang-in Appears as ‘Amazing Claim’ by Leading French Journalist → The reason is ‘No. 1 in uniform sales’

A leading French journalist has made waves by claiming that Kylian Mbappe could be jealous of Lee Kang-in.

“Romain Molyneux revealed a big tension between Lee and Mbappe at PSG over the sale of their jerseys,” French media outlet 90min France reported on April 18 (KST).

Molina is a leading French journalist who has worked for CNN, BBC, and others. “Molana claimed in a recent interview that PSG has been shaken internally by the surprising topic of jersey sales… He said PSG management must deal with complaints about the sale of Lee’s jersey,” according to 90min.

According to the report, Molina said, “I laughed a lot when I read that Mbappe had sold more jerseys than Lee. It was funny. The person who put out the information that Lee sold more jerseys than Mbappe is telling the truth. What’s the big deal,” he said, explaining that, contrary to some initial claims, Lee actually sold more jerseys than Mbappe.

“If Mbappe is jealous of this, imagine what it’s like to play with Judd Bellingham and Vinicius Junior. If not Mbappe, it could be the people around him. If he’s jealous that someone else is selling a lot of jerseys at PSG, what will it be like when he plays with Bellingham and Vinicius one day?” he said, commenting on the way shirt sales are viewed.

“If you read between the lines, he made it clear that people close to Mbappe are not happy with the popularity of Lee,” the outlet said, noting that even if you’re not Mbappe, you can be jealous of Lee’s popularity around him.

French outlet L’Equipe also reported Molina’s interview, calling it “Mbappe jealous of PSG player”.

“According to Molina, Lee is the PSG player who sells the most jerseys. And this will not satisfy Mbappe. Lee has established himself as a full-fledged player in the squad Luis Enrique has built and has shone on the pitch. Indeed, Lee is a star in South Korea, and his transfer has allowed PSG to dominate the Asian market.” While PSG has benefited from Lee, Mbappe may see things differently.

Lee’s jersey sales have been acknowledged by many fans, including leading French journalist Abdelrahim Bulma, who is well versed in PSG news. Bulma wrote on his social media account, “Lee, who has been a huge hit since his move from Mallorca, is the PSG player who has sold the most jerseys. Just ahead of Mbappe,” he claimed on social media. Based on internet sales, Bulma’s claim appears to be true.

French outlet Parisien also reported on the jersey sales, stating that “Lee has dominated the rankings of the best-selling PSG players. He is ahead of Mbappe in internet sales, with South Korea dominating the list. There are real fans there,” he said, adding that Lee’s online sales are overwhelming.

“PSG has long been a hub for world-class talent and has boasted many stars,” said French outlet PSG Talk, “but the 2023/24 season is different. The other big names are gone, and Mbappe is the only one left. Many assumed that Mbappe would drive jersey sales, but that’s not the case. According to reports, Mbappe is the top-selling player in both physical and online stores. Lee Kang-in is the second best-selling PSG jersey in both physical and online stores,” the company said, explaining that Lee is on par with Mbappe’s sales.

Lee’s popularity was already evident in pre-season after his move to PSG this summer. RMC Sport’s leading journalist, Fabrice Hawkins, said during the pre-season that “Lee and Neymar were the PSG stars with the most followers on the Japan tour. He is also currently the player with the most jerseys sold in stores, followed by Neymar and Marquinhos,” explaining that Lee’s jersey sales are the highest in the team, ahead of superstar Neymar and PSG captain Marquinhos.레모나토토 주소

Meanwhile, despite the reported tension, Mbappe and Lee have been spotted bonding in team training and their chemistry on and off the pitch has been highlighted recently.

PSG released a training video ahead of their last match against Reims, in which Mbappe showed his affection for Lee. During a training session, the Frenchman shouted at the other players to share his opinion, and Mbappe, who was behind him, stopped him with a big hug. Afterward, Lee Kang-in also held Mbappe’s hand, suggesting a bromance between the two.

Lee has already shown chemistry with Mbappe on the pitch on several occasions. In the last Ligue 1 match against Brest, Mbappe received a sharp outward pass from Lee and drove it into the box for a goal, and immediately after the goal, Mbappe pointed to Lee and praised him for helping him, and Lee immediately ran to Mbappe and hugged him, indicating a good chemistry.

Then, against Montpellier, Mbappe slipped a pass from Ashraf Hakimi to Lee, who struck a precise left-footed shot into the top left corner of the goal. Mbappe immediately rushed over to hug Lee and congratulate him on his first Ligue 1 goal. The two players have also maintained good chemistry in training, where they are often seen standing side by side and talking.

PSG fans have also taken note of the chemistry between the PSG ace and his PSG counterpart, saying, “The man Neymar and Mbappe love, everyone loves him,” “You can see the technical side of him when Neymar and Mbappe do the same thing,” and “He seems to have taken something from Mbappe and Neymar,” among others.

In light of this, it is unlikely that Mbappe is jealous of Lee, and it would be positive for both players’ development and the team’s performance for them to have the best chemistry on the pitch and a good-natured competition for jersey sales off the pitch.

With the shocking jealousy allegations against Mbappe’s love interest, the performance and popularity of both players will continue to be closely watched for the rest of the season.

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