“It’s CYA’s 2nd award →”If you give me $200 million, that’s what Boras says he’s against…The first selection is urgent

“It’s CYA’s 2nd award →”If you give me $200 million, that’s what Boras says he’s against…The first selection is urgent

The Baseball Writers’ Association of America (BBWAA) announced on MLB Network on Saturday that Snell is the NL Cy Young Award winner. Snell received first-place votes from 28 of the 30 members of the media. It was a near-unanimous vote.

This year, Snell started 32 games, going 14-9 with a 2.25 ERA and 234 strikeouts. He leads both leagues in ERA and ranks second in strikeouts in the NL. Nowadays, pitchers who lead the league in ERA almost always win the Cy Young Award. AL Cy Young winner Gerrit Cole of the New York Yankees also led the league in ERA this season.토토사이트

This makes Snell the NL’s top pitcher again, five years after he won the AL Cy Young in 2018 with the Tampa Bay Rays.

Snell is the seventh pitcher to win the Cy Young Award in both leagues, joining Gaylord Perry, Randy Johnson, Pedro Martinez, Roger Clemens, Roy Halladay, and Max Scherzer.

The Los Angeles Dodgers are reportedly deeply interested in free agent Blake Snell. AP

Snell is a free agent. He can wear his Cy Young Award like a badge of honor in negotiations. While a Cy Young or MVP award isn’t a major bargaining chip, it’s a “best of” credential that teams at the table can’t take lightly.

CBS Sports listed the Philadelphia Phillies, Los Angeles Dodgers, Atlanta Braves, Boston Red Sox, and Cincinnati Reds as possible suitors for Snell today. The Dodgers are the team to watch.

Dodger Nation reported that “Major League Baseball insiders have confirmed that the Dodgers are interested in Blake Snell,” and that “The Dodgers plan to be aggressive in adding depth this winter. The starting rotation will be a particular focus.

“Snell, who is coming off a great season in which he won his second career Cy Young Award, is a legitimate starter for the Dodgers,” said MLB Insider Jon Heyman, who also named the Dodgers as the team with the most interest in Snell.

If Snell is in a Dodgers uniform, he’s an immediate starter. The only pitchers virtually locked into the Dodgers’ rotation next season are Walker Buehler and Bobby Miller. However, Buehler is coming off a Tommy John surgery and his return is uncertain, while Miller flashed strong stuff in his debut this year but needs to be proven.

Blake Snell won his second career Cy Young Award, further boosting his free agent value. AFP
Even if he stays with the Dodgers in free agency, Clayton Kershaw will have shoulder surgery after this season and won’t return until the first half of next year. That means they’ll need to find an ace pitcher in free agency. Snell is the best fit.

But even if the Dodgers wanted to, it’s not clear that Snell would be willing to come to the Dodgers.

“The biggest obstacle to Snell becoming a member of the Dodgers organization is his agent,” Dodger Nation reports, “Snell’s agent is Scott Boras, and Boras’ clients have not traditionally signed with the Dodgers. Boras and the Dodgers don’t see eye-to-eye, so it could be difficult for Snell to join the Dodgers.

However, the Dodgers are expected to show the utmost “good faith” to Snell and Boras at all costs, as adding starting pitching is a top priority.

Snell’s asking price is at least $100 million. With Boras as his agent, it’s not unreasonable to assume he’s looking for $200 million or more. ESPN’s projected deal for Snell is six years and $150 million, MLBTR’s is seven years and $200 million, The Athletic’s is five years and $122 million, and the New York Post’s John Heyman’s is six years and $200 million.

The Dodgers have deep enough pockets to bring in Snell in addition to Shohei Ohtani, who is said to be their No. 1 target.

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