Shim Yu-chan, the youngest member of Tomorrow’s King of Baseball, appears at Chan-ho Park’s baseball camp.

Shim Yu-chan, the youngest member of Tomorrow’s King of Baseball, appears at Chan-ho Park’s baseball camp.

Next year, middle school students and classmates who appeared on TV at the time will all continue their baseball dreams.

Park Chan-ho’s Youth Baseball Camp, where youth who are serious about baseball gather in one place.

There were quite a few welcoming faces at the main camp, which was held for two days and one night starting on the 28th. Two years ago, Shim Yu-chan (12) appeared on Channel A’s ‘Tomorrow’s Baseball King’ as a fourth grader. Two years ago, he was the youngest member of the ‘Icons Team’ who was introduced on a program as ‘a young, but promising star with a strong military background as a member of a military family’. Shim Yoo-chan was already in the 6th grade and applied for the Park Chan-ho Youth Camp and was accepted.

“I didn’t think anyone noticed, but thank you for remembering!”

Although the ‘Tomorrow’s Baseball King’ program has ended, Sim Yu-chan, whom I met in an unexpected place at the moment when I was curious about whether the promising players who caught the eye of coach Kim Byeong-hyun at the time were continuing their baseball dreams, began by saying thank you. Meanwhile, he said, “Baseball wasn’t doing well at the time of the broadcast. However, now I really enjoy baseball and am doing well. I applied because I thought it would be good to gain something through this camp.”

As we met again, I was curious about the other members’ current status. In response, Shim Yu-chan delivered good news, saying, “At least all of our classmates are continuing their dream of baseball.” Among the fourth grade students at the time, in addition to Shim Yu-chan, there were Kim Tae-yul, Park Do-yoon, and Hwang Ji-woo. Among them, Kim Tae-yul is the best at baseball. However, Shim Yu-chan himself has no desire to lose.

He will continue playing baseball at Deoksu Middle School starting next year. Deoksu Middle School is famous for its tough training even among middle school baseball teams. However, what is surprising is that he himself is well aware of that fact. So he confidently said, “I deliberately chose Deoksu Middle School because I knew it would be difficult.”

Shim Yu-chan is still pursuing his dream of becoming a future professional baseball player with a bright expression. His rival and friend, Kim Tae-yul메이저사이트, is said to have chosen to attend Sangincheon Middle School. So, he did not lose his confidence until the end, saying, “I want to have a good fight the next time we meet.”

Coincidentally, Kim Hye-seong (Kiwoom), a former member of Park Chan-ho’s youth camp, also attended the event as a coach on the 1st. It remains to be seen whether Shim Yu-chan, like Kim Hye-sung, will be reborn as a professional baseball player with bigger dreams thanks to his broadcast appearances and camps.

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