What is a ‘weak shot’? Heungmin Son debate – ‘Unblockable’ means nothing

What is a ‘weak shot’? Heungmin Son debate – ‘Unblockable’ means nothing

In a recent appearance on the English Premier League 토토사이트(EPL) match highlight program Matchday Live, England legend Michael Owen praised Son Heung-min’s abilities and talked about his ‘weaker foot’. He explained that Son has scored seven goals in the EPL this season, and one of his many strengths is his ability to score goals with a weaker foot. He used the phrase “unbelievable” to describe it.

“He can score from any area,” Owen said of Son Heung-min. He’s really fast and has good technique.” “If he keeps up his pace, he could be the EPL’s top scorer like he was last season,” Owen analyzed. He gave Son high marks for his speed, skill, and ability to use both feet, predicting that he will score more goals this season.

In fact, the term “weak foot” is not often used in soccer. It varies from player to player, but the basic rule is to use your left and right foot equally. There are some specialists who use their right or left foot very much. But for the most part, players use both feet as they see fit, depending on the situation and the area.

What makes Son Heung-min”s ability to use both feet shine even more is that he”s a deadly finisher. Even high-level players show a difference between their right and left feet in terms of how often they shoot. This is where the right-footed-left-footed divide comes in, and the concept of dominant and weak feet. In that sense, Son Heung-min has a perfect balance between his right and left feet. It’s safe to say that there is almost no difference between his right and left foot in terms of shooting frequency and accuracy. 

This is something he has been working on since childhood and has developed into his greatest advantage. He utilizes his right and left front kick as a deadly finishing weapon. Of course, he can also land powerful instep shots with both feet. Opponents have to think of a wide range of shots to defend against, which makes it more challenging.

From memory, there are quite a few Korean players who used both feet well, including Kim “Samson” Joo-sung, Choi Maxi-sik, Yoon Jung-hwan, Lee Kwan-woo, and Lee Seung-ki, who is still playing today. However, the best two-footed player in Korean soccer history is Son Heung-min. This is because he defines what it means to be “dominant” or “weak” with his finishing.

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