War for third place, NC has an advantage over Doosan and SSG? Will the final rankings be decided on the 17th?

War for third place, NC has an advantage over Doosan and SSG? Will the final rankings be decided on the 17th?

 Does one loss mean 5th place? Will the outcome of the breathtaking battle for third place be decided on the final day?

The war for third place will never end. KT Wiz and Kiwoom Heroes, who played all 144 games, ended the season early, and as of the 14th, all 10 teams had played at least 141 games. The end of the regular season is now truly in sight.

The top 5 teams have also been decided. The KIA Tigers confirmed 6th place as the last ‘Tragic Number’ expired, and five teams, starting with the regular season champion LG Twins, KT, SSG Landers, NC Dinos, and Doosan Bears, boarded the train for fall baseball.

However, the ranking has not yet been determined. The rankings were confirmed up to 2nd place KT. The problem is next. On the 14th, SSG lost to Samsung and Doosan won to LG, making the three teams, SSG, NC, and Doosan, tied for third place again. Doosan and NC have the same number of games, wins, draws, losses, and win percentages, and SSG has the same win percentage as two teams, but has one more draw.

SSG, which has one more draw, has a slight advantage in simple arithmetic. But you have to look at the remaining schedule. SSG has only 2 games left, and Doosan and NC have 3 games left, including the game on the 15th.

The key match is ultimately the 16th and 17th. Doosan and SSG will play their ‘last match’ over two days on the 16th and 17th. Coincidentally, two teams competing for rankings will face each other on the last two days of the regular season, and the results of these two games may determine which teams advance to 3rd or 5th place.

If you look at the schedule alone, NC is more advantageous. NC has two games left, including the game against Samsung on the 15th and KIA on the 16th and 17th.메이저사이트 They are all teams that were eliminated from the postseason, and KIA in particular has lost its last hope of reaching 5th place, so there is less pressure on the opponent. NC, which is going all-out and has Eric Peddie on the mound once more, will be in the most advantageous position in the race for third place if it wins all of its remaining games.

3rd and 5th place are the difference between heaven and earth. If you place 3rd, you go straight to the semi-playoffs, but if you finish 4th or 5th, you have to start from the wild card match. In particular, the 5th place team is in a disadvantageous position as they have to play a single match with one loss, as no team has ever made it past the wild card game. Even if you advance to the next round, your survival rate plummets because you have already used up the ‘Ace’ card.

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