What if Barnes throws well? Lotte loses against Doosan with 6 hits

What if Barnes throws well? Lotte loses against Doosan with 6 hits

On the 8th, Jamsil lost 1-2 against Doosan by 1 point

. Despite Barnes QS, the batting lineup was a water bat.

The professional baseball Lotte Giants lost the game against the Doosan Bears, making it more difficult to advance to the fall baseball season.

Lotte lost 1-2 against Doosan held at Jamsil Stadium in Seoul on the 8th. Lotte, which had been hoping to advance to the fall baseball season, has lost its winning streak, and it looks like the postseason is over this season as well.

Lotte starting pitcher Charlie Barnes pitched 6 innings today, allowing 8 hits, no walks, striking out 7, and allowing 2 runs (2 earned). Barnes, who increased his quality starts to 18, slightly lowered his ERA to 3.28.

Barnes got off to an shaky start in the first inning, sending the opposing runner to third base. Barnes received a heavy hit from leadoff hitter Kim Tae-geun in the bottom of the first inning. Then, Kim Jae-ho’s sacrifice bunt and Yang Seok-hwan’s wild pitch during his at-bat sent Kim Tae-geun to third base. However, Yang Seok-hwan and Yang Eui-ji were all hit and did not concede a point.

Barnes allowed Kang Seung-ho’s first extra-base hit of the day with a double to left with one out in the second inning, but kept Seung-ho Kang on base and struck out Joon-young Park, allowing no runs.

Barnes’ first run came in the fourth inning. He was hit by a double from leadoff hitter Seok-hwan Yang, and then gave up a run after being hit by consecutive hits from Eui-ui Yang. In the ensuing crisis, Kang Seung-ho was allowed a sacrifice fly, giving up another point. Until the 6th inning, Barnes had one hit each inning, but showed crisis management skills by not giving up a run.

The batting line was tightly tied to Doosan starter Brandon, making it frustrating throughout the game. In the 3rd inning, Ahn Kwon-soo’s walk led to his first on base, and in the 4th inning, Jeon Jun-woo’s hit to right led to his first hit. Jeon Jun-woo’s hit was also the first and last hit against Brandon. Lotte’s batting lineup recorded a total of 6 hits on this day.

Both teams had a fierce pitching battle that day and continued to score ‘0’ until the beginning of the game. Doosan was the first to break the silence. In the bottom of the 4th inning, with the game tied 0-0, Doosan’s leadoff hitter Yang Seok-hwan hit a double against Lotte starter Barnes and homered when Yang Eui-ji singled to left. Doosan continued the offensive opportunity with Kim Jae-hwan’s left-field hit, and Kang Seung-ho brought home third base runner Yang Eui-ji with a sacrifice fly.

Afterwards, both teams stopped scoring, and Lotte scored the first run in the 8th inning. With one out in the bottom of the 8th inning, down 0-2, pinch hitter Lee Jeong-hoon opened the game with a double to left-center. Afterwards, Ahn Kwon-soo hit a hit to right field to bring home second base runner Jang Doo-seong. Lotte continued the offensive opportunity with Noh Jin-hyuk’s left-handed hit, but was unable to score an additional point as Jeong-hoon hit a fly ball.

온라인카지노Lotte showed ‘back-footedness’ in the final attack of the 9th inning. In the top of the 9th inning, when the team was down 1-2, leadoff hitter Ahn Chi-hong hit a grounder to shortstop, Jeon Jun-woo struck out, and Yoo Kang-nam hit a hit to right to get on base. Next, pinch hitter Han Dong-hee also hit a hit to right, creating an opportunity for Lotte with two outs and runners on first and second base. However, pinch hitter Kim Min-seok struck out on a missed swing, and Lotte lost 1-2, by 1 point.

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