‘I am satisfied with the guard, the problem is…’ Coach Cho Dong-hyun’s disappointment after winning against the Japanese first division team

‘I am satisfied with the guard, the problem is…’ Coach Cho Dong-hyun’s disappointment after winning against the Japanese first division team

The guard line passed, but the front court was full of disappointment. 

Ulsan Hyundai Mobis Phoebus won 70-63 in a practice game against Ibaraki Robots held at the Adatoria Mito Arena in Ibaraki, Japan on the 29th. 

Hyundai Mobis, who had been struggling in the early stages of the game, lost in the battle for leadership, but Kebe Aluma (18 points, 12 rebounds) opened a way for them. Afterwards, the guard team consisting of Park Moo-bin, Kim Ji-wan, and Kim Tae-wan performed well and won the victory.

Coach Cho Dong-hyun said after the game, “There was a positive aspect. The performance of the guards in front was positive. They were very active and young players like Park Moo-bin and Kim Tae-wan showed good performances, so even if Lee Woo-seok and Seo Myung-jin come, we can have a rich rotation.” He pointed out that 

온라인카지노With Gage Prim missing, the presence of Kebe Aluma (18 points) was absolute. In attack, he clearly showed that he could be expected to play the role of a problem solver. However, more adaptation is needed in team defense. 

Coach Cho said, “We showed a good enough performance in attack, and I don’t want to go into detail, but I think we need time in team defense. But the defense of the top four players in the country is more problematic than Aluma’s defense. There are other thoughts in their heads. “I think we need to focus,” he said.

It is also positive that rookie Park Moo-bin (12 points, 3 steals) is adapting faster than expected. On this day, they performed like licorice by not only pressing defense but also making outside shots at every critical point.

Coach Cho said, “He’s doing well enough. This is his second practice game, and he’s a player who understands quickly and knows how to play basketball. The aggressiveness of defense and the parts he didn’t get into the habit of in college will have to wait. New players will have to wait for team defense.” praised.

Although it was a game in which the team won, Coach Cho expressed his intention to address issues that emerged as problems in the game. Coach Cho said that although the apparent number of goals conceded was small, there were many disappointments in defense. In particular, he expressed disappointment with the performance of the front court resources.

Coach Cho said, “Like the last game, the defense was the most disappointing. The physical fights and other aspects of the defense are still difficult to attack and the condition is not good, but there were too many unnecessary help defenses and there were many cases where the defense position was not established. Even if they were not allowed, “We gave the right score,” he emphasized.

He continued, “The problem is positions 3 and 4. If it becomes a problem like this, Jihoon needs to play a lot again. I hope position 4 gets more activity. Even though the basics are emphasized, there is a tendency to ignore them. I hope the players are aware. “It would be nice. It was unfortunate that we played like that in the early stages when we were fighting for the overall color. We need to show that the team is solid in the early stages, but we don’t win the battle simply by shooting,” he added.

We considered sending Aluma to number 3 and considering a lineup using Kim Jun-il and Jang Jae-seok, but they were not used much in today’s game.

Coach Cho explained, “I’m worried about those things. I hope that the 3rd and 4th players will show more strength in defense when playing in a tall lineup. The 3rd and 4th players in the country are very lacking in defensive ability.”

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