From hell to heaven in one day… RYU wins Toronto, loses both Texas and Seattle

From hell to heaven in one day… RYU wins Toronto, loses both Texas and Seattle

 From hell to heaven.

Ryu Hyun-jin’s team, the Toronto Blue Jays, went from hell to heaven in one day. This is because he won alone, and all competing teams lost.

Toronto could not raise its head at its home stadium, Rogers Center, on the 15th (Korean time). They lost 2-9 to the Texas Rangers. The problem is that they lost all four home games against Texas during the week. The home fans were bound to be disappointed as they suffered a shocking fourth straight loss not only to other teams but also to Texas, which was fiercely competing in the wild card race.

바카라사이트Toronto, which was in second place in the wild card race, fell to fourth place. Texas, which had won six games in a row, rose to second place, and the Seattle Mariners maintained third place. After the game on the 15th, Toronto was 2.5 games behind Texas and 1.5 games behind Seattle.

In the worst atmosphere, the urgent priority was to quickly end the losing streak. Only then could we somehow dream of a reversal. We need to win within 15 games, but if the lead extends beyond 3 games, it is not easy to catch up.

However, Toronto laid the foundation for a turnaround. On the 16th, they met the Boston Red Sox at home and won 3-0. Leading star Guerrero Jr. hit three runs in the final, and starter Berrios pitched seven scoreless innings. The message that they have not yet given up on fall baseball was delivered to home fans in one day. The home fans also cheered for the players with warm applause.

Was it the aftermath of that momentum? Coincidentally, both Texas and Seattle collapsed. Texas, which was on a 6-game winning streak, lost 3-12 to the Cleveland Indians. Cleveland is in second place in the Central Division, but its record is far behind with 69 wins and 78 losses. received a blow

Seattle also could not overcome the barrier of the powerful LA Dodgers. Lost 3-6 at home. Toronto now trails Seattle by half a game and Texas by 1.5 games. Up to 3rd place will advance to the Wild Card Series.

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