“I will sacrifice my right arm” 153km 1R fireballer’s strong determination, coach’s expectations “He must have athletic genes”

“I will sacrifice my right arm” 153km 1R fireballer’s strong determination, coach’s expectations “He must have athletic genes”

“I will dedicate my right hand to NC.”

NC Dinos selected Whimoon High School pitcher Kim Hwi-gun in the first round (5th overall) in the 2024 professional baseball rookie draft held on the 14th. Kim Hwigeon, who has a sturdy physique of 191cm tall and 105kg in weight, threw a fastball up to 153km at this year’s President’s Cup. 

Hwigeon Kim captured the attention of the draft room with his unique impressions. After receiving the nomination, Kim Hwigeon said, “I was born in Changwon and started playing baseball in Changwon. When I was young, I dreamed of becoming a baseball player while watching NC. I came back to NC, and I will return the love NC gave me 1000 times. “I will sacrifice my right arm for NC,” he said, drawing attention. 

Kim Hwi-geon was born in Changwon, but attended elementary school in Gangwon-do. He graduated from Gangwon Soyang Elementary School and Chuncheon Middle School and entered Cheonak Bukil High School. He transferred back to Whimoon High School and is about to graduate. 

On this day, before the game against LG at Changwon NC Park was canceled due to rain, coach Kang In-kwon said of Kim Hwi-geon regarding the results of the rookie draft, “He said he throws a fastball over 150 km and his parents were athletes as well. (Athletic) must be in his genes. He will live a professional life. “If you adapt well, there is a high possibility that you will grow into a good pitcher,” he said. Both of Kim Hwi-gun’s parents are known to have been basketball players. 

He throws a fastball, but his control is incomplete. Coach Kang then said, “I know he has a bit of a ball control problem, but he valued his talent more than his ball control,” and expected his growth potential after joining the team. 

The NC scout team said, “Kim Hwi-gun is a special starting pitcher with excellent pitch value based on his excellent physical strength and explosive pitch. We were confident that he was a special fastball starting pitcher that fits the recent KBO league trend. In addition, he has the highest potential for the highest score. “I paid attention and decided to nominate him,” he explained. 

General Manager Lim Seon-nam said, “I think we will be able to show Kim Hwi-gun standing on the mound at Changwon NC Park and throwing in the not-too-distant future. The club will do our best to make that day come as soon as possible.” 

Kim Hwigeon said through the NC club, “I am happy that the club nominated me. I want to become a player who does his best for the team. I will make sure my name comes up when the NC Dinos club comes up in the future. The team will participate in the Korean Series. “I want to become a player who can help us win the championship,” he said. 

He appealed to his strengths, saying, “My biggest strength is using my great physical strength on the mound to throw fastballs. 바카라사이트I also think I have a good feel for breaking balls, and I throw a variety of pitches on the mound.”

When asked to choose a role model player, he said, “All the seniors of the NC club. I want to quickly join the team and live with the team’s seniors and absorb their strengths.”

Kim Hwigeon told NC fans, “I was born in Changwon and started playing baseball in Changwon at the age of 7. I will sacrifice my right arm for my hometown team. 

Meanwhile, NC has Daegu Sangwon High pitcher Lim Sang-hyun in the second round, Gyeonggi High pitcher Kim Min-kyun in the third round, Daegu High pitcher Hong Yu-won in the fourth round, Bibong High pitcher Choi Woo-seok in the fifth round, Dong-A University pitcher Son Joo-hwan in the sixth round, Jangchung High pitcher Won Jong-hae in the seventh round, and infielder Cho Hyun-min in the eighth round. They selected Yonsei University outfielder Ko Seung-wan in the 9th round, Gwangju Promotion High School catcher Kim Jae-min in the 10th round, and Gyeongbuk High School pitcher Kim Jun-won in the 11th round.

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