“Remote work with an annual salary of 2 billion won… Who selected Director Klinsmann?”

“Remote work with an annual salary of 2 billion won… Who selected Director Klinsmann?”

A total of 6 games since Klinsmann took office…
He was the first superstar player to win in Saudi Arabia … As a leader, I only
visited Korea for 67 days in 6 months… In addition, Klinsmann
analyzed players on the website instead of watching the American and European K-leagues in person
, canceled the press conference for national team selection, and said,
“Actual notification” to multiple national team strength strengthening committee members.

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■ Host: Anchor Kim Hyun-jung
■ Talk: Ryu Cheong (Editor-in-Chief of Hidden K, a soccer media outlet)

It’s been a while since we’ve discussed a sports issue. It’s about soccer. Our national soccer team, led by Coach Klinsmann, played an evaluation match against Saudi Arabia early yesterday morning. We won 1:0. But a strange situation unfolded. Instead of being happy about this victory after such a long time, soccer fans reacted by saying, “It’s disappointing that we should have lost so much.” No, you’re wondering what’s going on? Let’s take a look at this strange situation that is happening in the soccer world right now. Welcome to Ryu Cheong, editor-in-chief of Hidden K, a soccer media outlet.

◆ Ryu Cheong> Yes, hello.

◇ Hyunjung Kim> Saudi Arabia is not an easy team.

◆ Ryu Cheong> That’s right. As you said, Saudi Arabia is not an easy team, and they are the only team that defeated Argentina, the winner, at the 2022 Qatar World Cup.

◇ Hyunjung Kim> That’s right. No, it would have been good if we fought there and won with Cho Gyu-seong scoring a goal.

◆ Ryu Cheong> That’s right. In the end, it is true that we did well. In fact, they say that in soccer, both tactics and process are important, but the most important thing is the result, so in the end, we can say that we did well. Moreover, this is Coach Klinsmann’s 6th game since he took office, and there was no win until today’s game.

◇ Kim Hyun-jung> It’s my first victory. First win.

◇ Kim Hyun-jung> However, oddly enough, after the game was over, many soccer fans were disappointed that they had won. I thought I had seen it wrong. It’s a shame we won. They should have lost big, but it’s disappointing, and these reactions are pouring out online. That’s because of Director Klinsmann. What is this talking about?

◆ Ryu Cheong> Actually, I have seen such public opinion. So, there was an opinion that if we couldn’t win in 6 games because we couldn’t win in 5 games, and if we lost badly to an Asian team, wouldn’t we be fired?

◇ Kim Hyun-jung> If Coach Klinsmann loses this time, he will have to be fired, but it would be a shame. Is it like this?

◆ Ryu Cheong> But from what I saw, even if he had lost, he wouldn’t have been fired.

◇ Hyunjung Kim> Really?

◆ Ryu Cheong> But the important thing is that the Asian Cup will be held in Qatar in January 2024, so we are in the process of working toward that goal. Moreover, since it was early days, I think he would not have been fired even if he had lost, but I believe that such a reaction may have occurred because public opinion was so unfavorable and Coach Klinsmann did not have the trust of the fans.

◇ Kim Hyun-jung> In the end, what was it like for Director Klinsmann that led to the formation of public opinion to this point? Let’s look at that part today. Actually, I took office six months ago. However, when I took office, I was told that I would bring in a legendary player, but in fact, I don’t know what soccer fans thought, but the general public thought, why bring in a famous player? It was this kind of atmosphere. It’s amazing, this atmosphere. But what have you shown so far?

◆ Ryu Cheong> When I was brought in, the atmosphere was a bit extreme, as you said in the early days of my appointment. So, soccer fans and reporters like me had some suspicions about this person’s performance after becoming a coach that he would continue to be like this even after coming to Korea.

◇ Kim Hyun-jung> It is true that I played well as a player, but that is acknowledged.

◆ Ryu Cheong> He was a player I liked when he was a player, and he was probably the most experienced and famous person among foreign figures who worked with Korean soccer. He was truly a superstar.

◇ Hyunjung Kim> That’s right.

◆ Ryu Cheong> However, there are some problems that arose while this person was serving as leader, and it seems like those problems are still rising. To summarize, the first thing is about my place of work. This happened even before I came to Korea when I was with the German national team.

◇ Kim Hyun-jung> No, if you lead the German national team, you have to be in Germany, and if you lead the Korean national team, you have to be in Korea. This is natural, so what’s the problem?

◆ Ryu Cheong> While in Germany, this person resides in California, USA. He actually lived in America for quite some time. So even when he was in Germany, he played a friendly with the German national team and gave a press conference in which he was not the head coach at the time but later became the manager. When head coach Yoo Ah-in Lev came in and German reporters asked him why Jurgen Klinsmann didn’t come in, there were some workplace issues in Germany, although not as much as in Korea, to the point where he couldn’t get on a plane to the U.S. at this time.

◇ Kim Hyun-jung> How was it in Korea? For the past 6 months.

◆ Ryu Cheong> So, I came in today for 6 months, but I stayed for about 67 days. Reporters are counting this.

◇ Hyunjung Kim> Where have you been for 67 days?

◆ Ryu Cheong> I stayed in Korea.

◇ Kim Hyun-jung> I stayed in Korea for 67 days in 6 months?

◆ Ryu Cheong> That’s right.

◇ Kim Hyun-jung> So, I was in Korea for about one or two months, and the remaining four months.

◆ Ryu Cheong> I was outside. I was in the U.S. and Europe, so there was a question about this during the inauguration press conference and inauguration press conference.

◇ Hyunjung Kim> What are you going to do?

◆ Ryu Cheong> There was an issue like this before, but KFA and the Korea Football Association say you are staying in Korea. Is this true? When I asked if this was a story, wouldn’t it be common for a Korean director to stay in Korea? He said he was lucky to be able to experience a culture like Korea again.

◇ Kim Hyun-jung> You did that and then you didn’t keep that promise?

◆ Ryu Cheong> In fact, you didn’t keep your promise.

◇ Kim Hyun-jung> Well, if we don’t stay in the country, how on earth will we see our team’s players training and how will we find players? Because we have to travel. How do you go about finding a new player and saying, “That player is good?”

◆ Ryu Cheong> Actually, I lost more publicity because of that, but this time I held a press conference after the Wales game. When I met with reporters, I said that the K-League players know the K-League coaches better, so of course it is my job to take care of the K-League, but my job is to know the trends of European soccer and world soccer in general. .

◇ Kim Hyun-jung> Looking at the trends of world soccer. So you’re staying in Europe and watching the European league?

◆ Ryu Cheong> He also said that it is his job to take care of the Europa League players directly.

◇ Hyunjung Kim> At first glance, it may seem like a story to the general public, but what does it look like from an expert’s perspective? This answer.

◆ Ryu Cheong> As you said, it is not wrong. We need to look at European players and trends in world soccer, but the problem is that Coach Klinsmann was not in his first or second year in office, but as you said, he only stayed for 67 days. In fact, European football stops in July and August. If European soccer stops, the K-League will actually be in Korea for a long time.

◇ Hyunjung Kim> That’s right.

◆ Ryu Cheong> Since the K-League is the Spring and Autumn Festival, if you have been playing soccer for a while, your priority is to come to Korea and watch, or take care of European players, and if it is a training camp or an Asian tour in Asia, Son Heung-min also played in Singapore. I should have seen something like that, but I didn’t see anything like that again. So I asked. To the Korea Football Association. Then, are Coach Klinsmann and the coaches at the training camp or watching the K-League? It’s not true, but they are watching the K-League players. When I asked what they looked at, there was a site called Y Scout that analyzes players. He said he was looking at it that way. But from my perspective, you can see it that way, but if there is no European soccer in June or July, wouldn’t it be better to come and watch it in person? And if I wanted to go on a business trip to Singapore, Thailand, or somewhere with Korean players, would the Korea Football Association stop me? But they say that’s not the case again. You didn’t apply.

◇ Hyunjung Kim> I really don’t understand what’s going on, but the Saudi Arabian match was held in England early yesterday morning. It wasn’t held in Saudi Arabia, it wasn’t held in Korea, it was held in England, and Coach Klisman went there. As for the game. After that, we heard that he would not come to Korea, but would go to Europe, or that he would stay in Europe, so we were in an uproar even more, but he ended up returning to Korea?

◆ Ryu Cheong> That’s right. Originally it was Bayern Munich. After flying to Munich, Germany, watching Minjae Kim’s game, meeting European teams, and checking on European players, coaches residing in Europe and coaches are also residing in Europe. After a meeting with coaches residing in Europe, we will hold an international match in Korea in October. The original position was that I would return for that schedule, but for some reason, I suddenly received a text message from the Korea Football Association in the afternoon yesterday, saying that Coach Klinsmann was returning home with the K League players, that is, the national team players playing in Korea, and arrived at 3:55. do.

◇ Kim Hyun-jung> You’re coming together, with the players?

◆ Ryu Cheong> I told you that I would come with you and hold a press conference at the airport.

◇ Hyunjung Kim> Could it be that you have heard about this worsening public opinion?

◆ Ryu Cheong> I think it was definitely like that. In fact, the biggest problem with KFA was that there was no opinion on doing this. The director is doing a good job.

◇ Kim Hyun-jung> KFA is the Korea Football Association.

◆ Ryu Cheong> There was no talk about how we could persuade them or anything like that, but I think it was probably the first move they made after Coach Klinsmann took office.

◇ Hyunjung Kim> This time. Come to Korea.

◆ Ryu Cheong> Wouldn’t you have said that?

◇ Hyunjung Kim> There has been criticism that we meet foreign media more often than domestic media. Is this really true?

◆ Ryu Cheong> It seems to me that the meeting ratio is almost the same. It seems similar.

◇ Kim Hyun-jung> But isn’t this something where you can meet foreign media as well as domestic media?

◆ Ryu Cheong> I also don’t think there is a problem with the meeting itself, but I think there is a problem with the method. In fact, if you are the coach of the Korean national team living in Korea, you have to conduct video interviews with foreign media and face-to-face interviews with domestic media, but on the contrary, this method, which has never been seen before, of interviewing foreign media face-to-face and interviewing domestic media via video, is causing some problems. It seems to be possible, and as I said, I don’t think that a coach should unconditionally do what the fans want based on performance, but even though I clearly heard that public opinion has darkened so drastically since taking office, I don’t think it’s a good idea to insist on my own way abroad. I think it’s a problem.

◇ Hyunjung Kim> It’s very Corona style. Non-face-to-face supervision. Work from home supervision.

◆ Ryu Cheong> He actually said that. The method has changed a lot after Corona. However, I admit that, but I think there is a problem with not meeting with the domestic media when face-to-face meetings are possible.

◇ Hyunjung Kim> I don’t know if there are people who would argue like this. No, even if he is absent frequently and acts as a non-face-to-face director, isn’t it okay if his skills are good enough to offset that? Isn’t it okay if I perform my role as a director well and get good results? Some people may say this, but the truth is that the results so far have not been good.

◆ Ryu Cheong> This part is correct. And speaking of results, as I said before, the Asian Cup to be held early next year is the most important, so to be honest, we can say that we have not seen the results yet. However, he kept changing his words and said that Director Klissmann would stay in residence, but as to why public opinion worsened after that, he directly said in an interview with reporters that when I was in Korea, no one asked me to stay in residence. So, the association was embarrassed by the fact that there had been almost no discussion until now, so they continued to talk about this and were communicating about the need to stay at the residence, but as the press conference became longer, the director said that it seemed like the words were twisted and that it was not a lie, so something was a little off. There was this. This was a bit of a problem, and in fact, what I find most disappointing is that they hold press conferences when they select national team players, which is more important than not meeting the domestic media.

◇ Hyunjung Kim> Of course.

◆ Ryu Cheong> This is the most important content not only in Korea but in any country.

◇ Hyunjung Kim> Of course.

◆ Ryu Cheong> Why did you select certain players and why did you not select certain players? However, Director Klinsmann canceled this after taking office, so I ordered it to be canceled.

◇ Hyunjung Kim> Why?

메이저사이트 Ryu Cheong> From what Coach Klinsmann said, players may get injured after the roster is announced. So I said that I would convene a press conference and hold a press conference because there might be some disharmony and it is not over, but the problem is that there are a lot of fans waiting for this part and it is being held live. Not only the Korea Football Association, but also numerous media outlets and soccer YouTubers are broadcasting this live, with over 10,000 fans watching. However, I think the biggest problem is that Director Klinsmann canceled this.

◇ Kim Hyun-jung> No, after listening closely, it doesn’t seem like he really has much affection for the Korean team, and according to what you said earlier, he seems to be a coach who has worked like that before. Why on earth did the Football Association bring in someone like this? Who brought you?

◆ Ryu Cheong> There is something called the National Team Strengthening Committee. Here, the system is to appoint people through meetings, and that’s how it happened. However, there was some noise during this process. Originally, multiple members of the power strengthening committee did not actually see the list of directors. We actually said we had been notified.

◇ Hyun-Jeong Kim> The point is that sufficient and smooth discussions were not carried out.

◆ Ryu Cheong> Yes, that’s right. In the past, there were issues such as who I was meeting with, what strengths this person had, and what the committee members thought, but in fact, there was no meeting. Although the appointment was formally made by the Power Strengthening Committee, there was a significant question mark as to how much of a role the Power Strengthening Committee members really played here. So there was some criticism that the system may have been broken a bit this time.

◇ Kim Hyun-jung> So, if there wasn’t enough overall consultation, then someone took the lead in bringing in this person, this director Klinsmann, and they promoted him, so what can we say? There is someone who led this public opinion. Who does that seem to be?

◆ Ryu Cheong> I have no choice but to see it that way, but in fact, since I did not see it, I think I can only assume that the leadership of the Korea Football Association exerted greater power than the Power Strengthening Committee.

◇ Kim Hyun-jung> Leadership, top management.

◆ Ryu Cheong> That’s right.

◇ Kim Hyun-jung> There may even be talk among reporters about who it is, but unless we investigate on the air, we won’t know that, and there must have been someone with invisible power. You see it like this.

◆ Ryu Cheong> It is believed that there were people who were more advanced than the system than the Power Strengthening Committee.

◇ Hyunjung Kim> How much is your annual salary?

◆ Ryu Cheong> I haven’t seen the contract for this either.

◇ Kim Hyun-jeong> Estimation.

◆ Ryu Cheong> There is talk that it would be between 1.5 billion and 2 billion.

◇ Kim Hyun-jung> At that level, is he giving more or less than other national team coaches and our previous coaches? It’s similar?

◆ Ryu Cheong> It is considered to be a similar level and a slightly better level, but it is definitely not a small amount compared to the amount that can be spent by the Korea Football Association.

◇ Hyunjung Kim> Absolutely not. Considering that he is a director working from home, it seems like an even higher amount. But when signing a contract for a director, aren’t things like working conditions and such discussed in detail when writing the contract?

◆ Ryu Cheong> Write in detail. Actually, as a soccer player, I don’t know the manager’s contract, but when I look at the player’s contract, it’s written in a really trivial way. If you are a foreign player, if you are given an apartment size and a car, you can even use the car model. I write it like this because you can’t ask for something that isn’t included, and neither the player nor the team can ask for it, and if you give it or exchange it, it becomes a side contract. So, I also thought that Director Klinsmann probably wrote about this because it was somewhat controversial.

◇ Hyunjung Kim> Can’t the contract be made public?

◆ Ryu Cheong> The contract cannot be made public. Based on what I have seen so far and based on the questions and answers, it appears that these aspects have not been specified. How long you have to stay, how many days you have to stay, how long you are allowed to work concurrently, etc. In fact, this is an unprecedented contract that has never been seen before.

◇ Hyunjung Kim> That’s what I’m hearing right now. If this problem with the contract continues, it may be necessary to confirm and disclose the contract.

◆ Ryu Cheong> But I don’t think the Football Association will do that either. The question is answered. There is no written record of the average number of days one must stay. I did answer this question.

◇ Kim Hyun-jung> In the end, this part is quite important, and if this controversy continues, it seems that it will become an important issue. All right. What on earth is going on in our soccer world? Reporter Ryu Cheong pointed out the reasons for this strange situation one by one today. Thank you, Editor-in-Chief Ryu Cheong, Hidden K.

◆ Ryu Cheong> Thank you.

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