‘You can’t get hurt’ A ground full of affection, Park Hae-min and Oh Ji-hwan’s ‘good-hearted younger brothers’ who approached Kim Sun-bin who was in pain

‘You can’t get hurt’ A ground full of affection, Park Hae-min and Oh Ji-hwan’s ‘good-hearted younger brothers’ who approached Kim Sun-bin who was in pain

‘You can’t get hurt’ The ground where a sparkling game unfolds every inning, and although the uniforms they wear are different, their concern for their fallen teammate is the same.

LG’s Park Hae-min ran to KIA second baseman Kim Sun-bin, who collapsed after being hit by a thrown ball while fielding in the third inning, and LG’s shortstop Oh Ji-hwan, who ran towards second base in the sixth inning and then approached LG’s shortstop holding a fallen helmet while runner Kim Sun-bin was complaining of leg pain, was on the ground in a fierce game. was full of affection.

On the 10th, the final game of the four-game series between KIA Tigers and LG Twins was held at Kia Champions Field in Gwangju. KIA, which lost 12 to 2 to LG on the first day, avenged its loss the previous day by winning both games of the double header the next day. LG, which had to end its losing streak, and KIA, which was trying to continue its winning streak, had a nail-biting match in the last game as well.

In order to score runs each inning, the fielders rushed to their defense to catch the running runners.

메이저사이트 KIA attacked LG in the 4th inning, leading 4-0. When Heo Do-hwan was at bat with no outs on 1st and 3rd base, KIA starter Kim Geon-guk threw a 135 km cutter on the first pitch, and 1st base runner Park Hae-min started toward second base. Heo Do-hwan, who was at bat, swung and missed to help steal second base. Catcher Kim Tae-gun quickly threw the ball toward second base, but the throw was short. While second baseman Kim Sun-bin’s body hit the ball and bounced to the side, third base runner Seong-ju Moon stepped on the home run.

Kim Sun-bin, who had blocked the throw with his body, fell to the ground and complained of pain. Park Hae-min, who approached Kim Sun-bin before the trainer, asked about his condition and was worried about his colleague who was complaining of pain.

Fortunately, Kim Sun-bin got back up without any major injuries and continued his defense. When Kim Sun-bin, who returned to second base, made a gesture toward the dugout saying that he would continue the game without a replacement, Park Hae-min was only then relieved of his worries.

KIA Kim Sun-bin, who came out as the leadoff hitter in the 6th inning when the score was tied at 7-7 and hit a hit to right, ran to second base when Lee Chang-jin sent a bunt. While Kim Sun-bin, who had chafed his leg while sliding, was touching his left leg and complaining of pain, LG shortstop Oh Ji-hwan came over holding the fallen helmet and took care of his senior with a warm hand.

Kim Sun-bin stood up holding Oh Ji-hwan’s hand and made a gesture of gratitude.

In the 3rd inning, LG’s Park Hae-min and Oh Ji-hwan approached KIA’s Kim Sun-bin, who was hit by a ball and in the 6th inning, while complaining of pain due to chafing of the leg while sliding, and although they were wearing different uniforms, they were sincerely worried about their teammate.

LG caught up with KIA, which was ahead at the beginning of the game. In the 7th inning, when the score was tied at 7-7, Choi Won-jun, who came on as a substitute due to an injury to Na Seong-beom, turned the game around with a timely hit. Closer Jeong Hae-young, who took the mound in the 9th inning, cleanly erased the 9th inning, giving KIA its 3rd consecutive win.

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