‘Worst goal-making ability’ SON teammate, why did he cry during the Brazilian national team game?

‘Worst goal-making ability’ SON teammate, why did he cry during the Brazilian national team game?

Richarlison shed tears during the game. How frustrating must it have been.

Tottenham Son Heung-min’s teammate Richarlison shed tears during the Brazil national team match.

Brazil won 5-1 against Bolivia in the first round of the 2026 North and Central America World Cup South American preliminaries held on the 9th (Korean time).

On this day, Neymar, who returned from an ankle injury, scored multiple goals for Brazil. He received the spotlight by surpassing the ‘legend’ Pele with 79 goals in international matches.

Another thing that attracted attention was Richarlison’s tears. Richarlison played as a starter that day, but did not contribute at all to Brazil’s 5 goals. Rather, he had to hit the ground by throwing away two chances to score the golden goal.

메이저사이트In the end, Richarlison was substituted in the second half and sat on the bench in tears.

Is there any player who cries after not being able to play a game? It seems that he is probably sad due to his team’s recent poor performance.

Tottenham, who sent Harry Kane to Bayern Munich, ambitiously brought out Richarlison as a front-line card. However, Richarlison failed to make his presence known at all due to his extreme goal-scoring ability. No goals in 3 consecutive league games. In the end, Tottenham coach Enzi Postecoglou placed Son Heung-min at the front line instead of Richarlison in the fourth league game, against Burnley. Son Heung-min solved the team’s decision-making problem by scoring a hat trick as if he had been waiting for it.

It was the best moment for Son Heung-min, but it could have been a nightmare for Richarlison. This is because it can be taken to mean that future opportunities will disappear. Therefore, this match against Bolivia was a stage where he could truly show his true worth, but here too, it was a scene where it would not be surprising if tears were shed as the game did not go as planned.

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