Watch Ryu Hyun-jin get top MLB hitters with his 145-kilometer fastball. Do you feel anything [SC Focus]?

Watch Ryu Hyun-jin get top MLB hitters with his 145-kilometer fastball. Do you feel anything [SC Focus]?

Fastball tops out at 90.1 mph (about 145 km/h). Average velocity of 87.9 mph (about 141 km/h).

Pitchers with these velocities are not uncommon in the KBO. 바카라사이트There are plenty of pitchers in South Korea who have thrown over 150 kilometers per hour, and there are quite a few young prospects coming up who have already hit 150 kilometers per hour in high school.

There are pitchers who are not only able to maintain this velocity in the major leagues, but also excel at it.

These are the fastballs that the Toronto Blue Jays’ Hyun-jin Ryu threw on Sunday against the Colorado Rockies at Coors Field. He’s still not up to his old velocity after surgery, but with that kind of velocity, he only needed 76 pitches over five innings to give up four hits (one home run) and two runs with two walks. He threw the most fastballs, 35, followed by 19 cutters, 12 curves, and 10 changeups.

Even with a 145 mph fastball, which is common in South Korea, Ryu’s weapon is his ability to neutralize major league hitters. His fastball goes right where he wants it to. There is a famous video of Ryu on social media. The video shows him checking the umpire’s strike zone with three pitches: the first outside pitch is called a ball, the next is a little inside, and the third is a little inside again for a strike call.

It’s not just his fastball that’s good. His cutter, changeup, curveball, and everything else he throws goes where he wants it to go. He also has a 130-kilometer cutter, a 120-130-kilometer changeup, and a 100-110-kilometer curveball that varies in velocity from pitch to pitch to take away the opponent’s timing. His 104-kilometer curveball, which is rarely seen in Korea, is thrilling to watch.

The fact that Ryu throws a 100-kilometer fastball in the major leagues, where even a 160-kilometer fastball can be turned into a home run, shows his boldness. In other words, it can be said that pitching aggressively despite having a slower velocity in the major leagues is a must for KBO pitchers.

On the 8th, a game between Kiwoom and Lotte was held at the Gocheok Dome in Seoul. Kiwoom starting pitcher Ahn Woo-jin pitches hard. Gocheok=Song Jeong-heon 기자
After watching Japanese pitchers easily disperse balls in the low 150km range at the WBC, interest in fastball pitchers has increased in the KBO. Kiwoom Heroes Jang Jae-young, Hanwha Eagles Moon Dong-joo and Kim Seo-hyun are highly anticipated, and the recent importation of foreign pitchers is mostly fireballers who throw fastballs over 150 kilometers. However, many of them are not able to overcome the KBO’s good starters because of their pitches.

While Hanwha’s Kim Seo-hyun was unable to make it to the first team due to his control issues, KIA’s Yoon Young-chul has already won eight games in the professional league with a fastball in the low 140s, throwing hard against his older brothers. Retired pitcher Yoo Hee-kwan has 101 career wins with balls under 140km/h. Last year’s Golden Glove winner Kiwoom An-woo-jin, who joined the team in 2018, has battled through injuries and slumps to become one of the KBO’s most dominant pitchers with a fastball that can reach nearly 160 kilometers.

What really surprised baseball fans watching the Japanese pitchers at the WBC was the accuracy with which they threw those fastballs.

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