‘Captain America’ shield in hand as he hits a grand slam…”America, you make baseball so much fun” [Hwang Hye-jung’s Doo Ri Bun@@]

‘Captain America’ shield in hand as he hits a grand slam…”America, you make baseball so much fun” [Hwang Hye-jung’s Doo Ri Bun@@]

Hye Jung Hwang] “America, you play baseball so much fun.”

They only had 15 hits, but they scored 23 runs. They had two walk-off home runs. The Korean women’s national baseball team players, who were on the field, said, “It’s so exciting and cool. The United States is really good at baseball,” and gave a thumbs up.메이저사이트

The game was the third match of the Women’s Baseball World Cup 2024 qualifying tournament in Thunder Bay, Canada, on Nov. 11 (KST) between the United States (ranked fourth in the world) and Canada (ranked third). It was expected to be a close game, but the game ended with two walk-off home runs and a cold-game victory for the United States in the fifth inning.

With the U.S. leading 3-0 in the top of the fourth inning, Olivia Pizzardo (19), the first woman to play in D1, the top collegiate level, hit a grand slam, bringing out the shield of Captain America, a popular character from the movie The Avengers.

The U.S. team came out of the dugout in unison to greet Pizzardo, who hit an exhilarating grand slam, with a Captain America shield. Accepting the Captain America shield, which symbolizes the American “war hero,” Pizzardo raised it high and savored the moment. It was a statement of intent for the once-dominant U.S. women’s national team to return to the top of the game.

Team USA celebrates with the ‘Captain America’ shield after their 23-0 win over Canada. Photo credit | WBSC.

Team USA is out to win. USA head coach Veronica Alvarez (front) is the only female coach among the six nations in Pool A of the qualifiers. Photo credit | WBSC.

In the top of the fifth inning, with the score 7-0, Kelsey Whitmore (25), the first woman to sign a minor league contract and play professionally in the United States, hit a grand slam.

The ‘Captain America’ shield was back in action. Kelsey didn’t stop there, she also brought out the hammer of Thor, the God of Thunder, one of the main characters of The Avengers, for an intense ceremony.

The game was expected to be close, but the 23-0 scoreline was anything but close. The players of the Korean Women’s National Baseball Team agreed: “The game was very exciting and fun, even though it was a one-sided affair. When they hit two grand slams, everyone stood up and cheered. I’m so jealous of the U.S. for being able to play like that.”

Outfielder Kelsey Whitmore, the first woman to sign a minor league contract with the United States, celebrates with a Captain America shield after hitting a grand slam against Canada. Photo credit | WBSC.

Olivia Pizzardo (left), the first female player in D1, the top collegiate league in the United States, and Kelsey Whitmore, the first female minor league player in the United States, pose for an interview with Sports Seoul. Thunder Bay (Canada) | By Hye Jung Hwang. et16@sportsseoul.com

The Korean national team players said, “Even if the American players hit a single, they would fly and slide to get on base. Even if they hit a single or a double, they would jump up and down, make wild celebrations, and cheer,” they said, smiling broadly.

After the game, the American players’ uniforms were covered in dirt, but their faces were full of happiness. “I’m happy with our performance,” Olivia and Kelsey told Sports Seoul during the tournament. We have the best players on the team and we will continue to push for the top.”

USA second baseman Alex Hugo slides into home plate against Canada. Photo credit | WBSC.

The U.S. has been through a steady rebuilding process over the past five years, and it’s been a generational transition that has worked perfectly. The U.S. selected its final 20 players through an intense domestic selection process, with the oldest player being 36 years old (born in 1987) and the youngest being 16 years old (born in 2007). It was the same composition as the South Korean women’s national team, but with a significant difference in the middle age group. The United States had players born in the late 1990s to 2000s in the center of its roster.

The average age of the 20 players on the South Korean squad for the Women’s World Cup 2024 qualifiers is 25.35, while the average age of the U.S. team is only 23.55. “Over the past five years, the U.S. Women’s National Team has been working on generational change to strengthen our roster,” said U.S. Head Coach Veronica Alvarez. We are going to give our best every game to win the championship.”

Veronica was the only female head coach among the six nations competing in the qualifier in Thunder Bay. A former catcher for the U.S. Women’s National Team, Veronica came to the tournament as a coach and then a manager. “We want to continue to send a good message to young girls and hope that our achievements will lead to more opportunities for women,” she said.

The U.S. Women’s National Team clinched an early berth in the tournament with four wins in preliminary play after a win over Hong Kong. The U.S. won all five of its games in the tournament to top the group. Photo credit | WBSC.

Outfielder Shin Nuri and pitcher Kim Bomi, who experienced the 8th (2018) Women’s Baseball World Cup in Florida, USA, five years ago, are also amazed at the growth of the USA team. They said, “The U.S. has always been one of the strongest teams, but they seem to have gotten even stronger this year. If the US and Japan meet in the final, I’m really curious to see who will win.”

A steady rebuilding under consistent leadership, the emergence of talented players, and national support have combined to create an explosion in USA Women’s Baseball in Thunder Bay. All eyes will be on Japan next spring to see if they can defeat the reigning world champions, who have won the last six tournaments in a row, and claim their third title in 18 years.

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