‘Welcome back Bae Ji-hwan’ shows 3 runs in comeback game…

‘Welcome back Bae Ji-hwan’ shows 3 runs in comeback game…

Bae Ji-hwan (24, Pittsburgh Pirates) is finally back after an injury layoff. In his first game back, he showed off the power he gained in his rehabilitation. Now, it’s time for Bae to start playing baseball again.

카지노사이트 Bae started in center field against the Minnesota Twins at Target Field in Minneapolis, Minnesota, U.S.A., on April 19, and went 2-for-4 with a double and a walk.

He raised his season batting average from .238 to .243 (218-for-53). His on-base percentage and slugging percentage also increased from 0.301 and 0.308 to 0.307 and 0.317, respectively, and his OPS (on-base plus slugging percentage) rose to 0.624.

In honor of Bae’s return, Pittsburgh released its lineup for the day with a photo of him. /Photo=Pittsburgh Pirates official social media accounts
‘Welcome back Bae’ Bae Ji-hwan’s spectacular return to the top of the order, but Pittsburgh’s hitting worries are real
After injuring his ankle against the Milwaukee Brewers on March 2 and being placed on the disabled list (IL) a day later, Bae’s rehabilitation took longer than expected. He was out of the first team for about a month and a half.

Since the beginning of the month, he has been preparing for his return and has played nine rehab games in the minors. In Triple-A, the top level of the minors, he batted .344 with one home run, one RBI, nine runs scored, two doubles, and a .993 OPS, earning him a comfortable call-up.

Pittsburgh’s batting order is Bae Ji-Hwan (center field)-Brian Reynolds (designated hitter)-Kevin Hayes (third base)-Jack Swinski (left field)-Henry Davis (right field)-Andy Rodriguez (catcher)-Robert Peguero (second base)-Alphonso Rivas (first base)-Alicia Williams (shortstop). Starting pitcher Andre Jackson.

He has been batting leadoff since his return. With only three hitters on the team getting regular at-bats, the team was not at full strength, and a top-of-the-order bat was hard to find.

Minnesota’s lineup was Edouard Julien (designated hitter), Royce Lewis (third base), Max Kepler (right field), Carlos Correa (shortstop), Jorge Planco (second base), Matt Wilner (left field), Donovan Solano (first base), Christian Vazquez (catcher), and Michael Taylor (center field). Pablo Lopez got the start on the mound.

Bae Ji-hwan. /Photo=Pittsburgh Pirates Official Social Media

Bae Ji-hwan. /Photo=Pittsburgh Pirates Official Social Media
The return of Bae Ji-hwan, a dazzling presence in ‘multi-hit + snow baseball’
Bae led off the first inning with a single to left field, taking a 94.2 mph (151.6 km/h) fastball from Lopez for a three-run homer. It was his first hit in 49 days, since his last at-bat on May 1 against Milwaukee.

He stole second on Reynolds’ single and moved to third on Hayes’ sacrifice, but the next two batters, Swinski and Davis, struck out in succession to end the inning.

The top of the third inning was less fortunate. With the bases loaded and two outs, he tried to bunt Lopez’s first-pitch changeup, but the ball sailed high and away.

He capitalized on his own mistake. In the fifth inning, he drew a walk with one out. In the top of the seventh, with his team trailing 3-0, Musa took a 93.3 mph (150.2 km/h) two-seam fastball from left-hander Kaylor Tilba and smashed it over the right-center field wall. That put runners on second and third with no outs, and Reynolds’ RBI single brought them within one.

In his final at-bat with the bases loaded in the top of the ninth, he struck out swinging on a monster 100-mile-per-hour (161-kilometer-per-hour) splitter from closer Joan Duran, but he deserves a pass considering it was his first game back in 48 days.

He also played solid defense in center field.

But the team was not smiling. Despite nine hits, the lack of offensive cohesion limited them to one run, and they couldn’t capitalize on Lopez, who pitched six shutout innings with seven strikeouts, or the bullpen.

With their second straight loss, Pittsburgh dropped to 54-68 and remained in fourth place in the NL Central. They are also 10th in the wild-card race, making it difficult for them to make it to fall ball.

Minnesota, on the other hand, remained in first place in the American League Central with 64 wins and 59 losses.

Source. /AFPBBNews=News1

Bae Ji-hwan (center). /Photo=Pittsburgh Pirates Official Social Media
And we haven’t even gotten to baseball, where there’s a good-natured rivalry with Kim Ha-seong
Bae’s greatest value is his quick feet. According to MLB Statcast, Bae has a sprint speed of 8.83 meters per second, which is reportedly in the top 10 percent of all players in the big leagues.

He showed tremendous momentum early in the season. By April, he had stolen 11 out of 12 attempts. He then hit a plateau due to poor situational judgment, but in June, he stole five bases (one unsuccessfully) to reach 20 steals.

He also showed off his quick feet in a Triple-A game on July 17, proving that speed is not an issue after his injury. He used his quick feet to pressure the opposition into errors and drive in multiple runs.

On this day, the batting order was silent, and no runs were scored. The stolen bases didn’t come as often as they should have, with runners in scoring position, but it was a successful comeback, and we can’t wait to see what the future holds.

It is also interesting to see the speed competition with Kim Ha-seong, who is heading for 20 (home runs)-20 (stolen bases). Kim already has 27 stolen bases, breaking the previous record for most stolen bases by a Korean big leaguer (Choo Shin-soo, 22 in 2010). More than 30 stolen bases is not out of the question.

In terms of stolen bases alone, Kim Ha-seong is in a league of his own, but he can’t match Bae Bae-hwan in terms of speed. Bae has five multi-steal games and one three-steal game, so he has the ability to drive in runs. Kim Ha-seong played more games, but he only had three multi-steal games.

The stolen base race between Bae and Kim will be one of the highlights of the rest of the season.

Bae Ji-hwan. /AFPBBNews=news1

Bae Ji-hwan. /AFPBBNews=News1

Kim Ha-seong. /AFPBBNews=news1

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