“I want to be a pitcher like Kershaw…the hitter I want to face is Ohtani,” says Jang Hyun-seok, a 157km high school student who is headed to the prestigious Dodgers” [One-on-one interview]

“I want to be a pitcher like Kershaw…the hitter I want to face is Ohtani,” says Jang Hyun-seok, a 157km high school student who is headed to the prestigious Dodgers” [One-on-one interview]

“I want to be a pitcher like Kershaw.”카지노

Jang Hyun-seok (19, Masan Yongmago), the ‘157km Fireballer’, shared his feelings on joining Major League Baseball’s Los Angeles Dodgers at a press conference at the Seoul Dragon City Hotel on Thursday. Dodgers director of scouting for the Pacific region John Dibble, international scout for Korea Dean Kim, and Rico Sports Agency representative Lee Yerang attended the signing ceremony.

According to Ricoh Sports Agency, Jang Hyun-seok signed a contract to join Major League Baseball’s prestigious Los Angeles Dodgers on the 9th of this month for a down payment of $900,000 (approximately KRW 1.1 billion). Jang Hyun-seok said in a press release at the time, “I am honoured to join the prestigious Dodgers. I will work hard to become a better player as they have chosen me.”

The 190cm-90kg right-hander dominated the high school scene this year, going 3-0 with a 0.93 ERA and 52 strikeouts in nine games. He was the only amateur to make the national team for the Hangzhou 2023 Asian Games, and at the recent Qinglong High School Baseball Tournament, he attracted the attention of scouts from eight major league clubs, including the Dodgers, Pittsburgh Pirates, Milwaukee Brewers, Philadelphia Phillies, Kansas City Royals, Cincinnati Reds, Texas Rangers, and Oakland Athletics.

Jang Hyun-seok was expected to be the first overall pick in the 2023 KBO Draft, but he opted out of the draft to go to the United States. The Dodgers sent pitchers Maximo Martinez and Aldrin Bautista to the Chicago White Sox before the trade deadline to secure the international bonus pool.

[OSEN=Min Kyung-hoon] Jang Hyun-seok enters for a photo session. 11.08.2023 /rumi@osen.co.kr

The following is a one-on-one interview with Jang Hyun-seok.

-On joining the Dodgers

I didn’t expect to go to the Dodgers, but I’m honoured to wear the uniform. They’ve been watching me for a long time, and I saw them when I went up to Seoul for a tournament. I knew they were interested in me, but I didn’t expect it to be a contract.

-I heard you had offers from other teams. Why did you choose the Dodgers?

They’ve been watching me for a long time, and they showed me old and current footage, analysed me, and explained the Dodgers well, so for Korean players, the Dodgers are familiar and familiar with them. I heard that the Dodgers have the best pitchers among the 30 clubs.

-How are you studying English and can you introduce yourself to John Dibble in English?

I’ve never worn a suit before. Thank you for choosing the right suit. I’m studying English a little bit. I’m sorry about the introduction (laughs). Hi, my name is Hyunseok Jang.

[OSEN=Reporter Min Kyung-hoon]Jang Hyun-seok takes a photo time in his uniform. 11 August 2023 /rumi@osen.co.kr

-How long do you think it will take to get to the big leagues?

I hope it will be quick, but I don’t know how many years it will take because I have to go and see how it goes and maybe get injured.

-Role models.

I want to be a pitcher like Clayton Kershaw. He’s been with the Dodgers for a long time and has been a starter. I want to be a starter too.

-I heard that one of your role models is Darvish Judo.

I’ve watched a lot of videos of him in Japan and now in San Diego, and there’s a difference in his pitching form. The arm swing, the balance is different, which I like. I watched a lot and tried to learn.

[OSEN=Kyung-hoon Min]Jang Hyun-seok takes a photo with his uniform. 11 August 2023 /rumi@osen.co.kr

[OSEN=Min Kyung-hoon] Jang Hyun-seok smiles after receiving a bouquet of flowers. 2023.08.11 /rumi@osen.co.kr

-Why did you choose number 18?

I didn’t choose my jersey number.

*Explanation from John Dibble, Director of Scouting, Pacific Region

“The jersey he’s wearing is something we specially made to fit his body. We had to make it quickly because we had a tight deadline. I’ve been scouting Asia for a long time, and I remember the top Asian players like Matsuzaka, Maeda, and others wearing the number 18. I thought it would be good for Jang Hyun-seok to wear the number 18, so I chose it.

-Who would you like to face in the Major Leagues?

There are a lot of batters, but I would like to face Shohei Ohtani because he is one of the best batters in the Major Leagues, and he is a fellow Asian. After Darvish, he’s the player I look up to the most.

-Park Chan-ho, how do you feel about following in the footsteps of Ryu Hyun-jin?

Right now, my goal is to go to the major leagues, but if I go to the major leagues, I want to be a starting pitcher for the Dodgers like Park Chan-ho and Ryu Hyun-jin.

[OSEN=Min Kyung-hoon] Jang Hyun-seok takes a photo in his uniform. 11 August 2023 /rumi@osen.co.kr

-Were there any congratulatory remarks from anyone that you remember?

I received a lot of calls from friends and coaches who played baseball with me. I also got a lot from close friends and teachers. I don’t think I can name one person.

-Korean Express, Korean Monster, do you have a favourite nickname?

I haven’t thought about it. I would love to have one.

-There are a lot of players who come to the U.S. through the KBO league, and there aren’t many success stories when they come to the U.S. after high school. Why did you decide to go to the US in a hurry?

I could have gone to the U.S. after playing in the KBO, but my last dream was to be a major leaguer, and I wanted to play scientific baseball in the U.S. I thought I could make it more perfect with a good system and good facilities.

[OSEN=Min Kyung-hoon] Jang Hyun-seok smiles during a press conference. 11 August 2023 /rumi@osen.co.kr

-Was there a particular moment that made you decide to go to the US?

I decided that the pitching labs I was interested in were better in the US than in Korea, and that learning in the US would be more personal than learning in Korea. I decided after finishing the Cheongryonggi Jang Chung Gojeon.

-Please say hello to your fans

I will do better in the future. Thank you.

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