6 innings of no-hit despite 7-ball strikeouts, KT Jeong-soo Lee “My voice actor brother told me not to worry about the beasts—“

6 innings of no-hit despite 7-ball strikeouts, KT Jeong-soo Lee “My voice actor brother told me not to worry about the beasts—“

No pitcher wants a walk. When the bases are loaded, it’s hardest on you, and you feel sorry for the beasts who have to stand there with nothing to do. It’s even worse in the heat of the day.

Still, you have to throw the ball, and you have to stop the run. That’s the job. KT’s Choi Ji-seong did his job.

카지노사이트 On the 13th, he started against the Suwon NC and threw six shutout innings. The result was good, but the process was tough. From the second to the fourth inning, he walked three straight batters. I was in scoring position almost every inning. However, at every crucial moment, he used his pitches to shut down the NC batters and didn’t give up a single run. KT won the game 4-0, and Lee also picked up his sixth win of the season.

After the game, Lee said to the media, “It’s unfortunate that I gave up a lot of walks, but I tried to throw my pitches. I thought, ‘Let’s push the ball into the zone and not take it out just because I gave up a walk,'” he said.

Catcher Jang Sung-woo, who batted with the battery, also helped ease the pressure. “I think (Jang) Sung-woo knew what not to do today,” said Lee, “He said, ‘There are days like this, so let’s slow down the tempo. Don’t worry about the defence time of the beasts,'” he said. It also helped that KT manager Lee Kang-chul advised him, ‘You seem to be throwing a little too fast, so let’s take it slow.

Despite the pitching struggles, Choi threw six shutout innings, giving KT a valuable win. It was a three-way tie for third place, and it was against Eric Peddie. “I knew it was going to be a low-scoring game because it was Pedi. I went in trying to limit the number of points as much as possible, and I’m glad I did.”

KT has been particularly strong against Pedi this season. On 13 April, they handed Pedi his first loss in the KBO. Just as they scored two runs on an error that day, KT capitalised on their opponent’s mistakes. On that day, Pedi gave up three runs in five innings and one earned run, and in his first loss in April, he gave up three runs in six innings and one earned run. “Every time the hitters come into the dugout, they say, ‘We’re going to kill the ball,’ but we keep scoring runs. It was a big game, so I think I went in with a lot more focus than usual.”

After this season, Lee will be joining the commercial team. There are variables. With NC Koo Chang-mo’s injury absence lengthening, it is likely that a replacement will be named in the Hangzhou Asian Games squad. Choi is on the shortlist.

But he was straightforward. “I’m going out there for my country, and of course I have to do well,” she said, “but I also think that as a team, we can go a little higher when a lot of other players are missing.” It’s clear that the team is more important to him than his place in the national team or even his exemption from military service.

KT will be travelling to the Asian Games with infielder Kang Baek-ho and middle reliever Park Young-hyun. Considering Kang Baek-ho has been out of the first team since the end of last month, Young-hyun is the only real power leak.

“Looking at it coldly, first place LG seems a bit far away, but I think we can do enough to get to second place,” said Choi, “We won’t give up until the end.”

Third-placed KT maintained a three-game gap to second-placed SSG, who also won on the day.

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